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Come Back RyePA

Brewed on 02/26/2012

Vital Statistics                                                                                
Target Gravity:           1.063              %ABV:            7.3%
Starting Gravity:        1.062              IBU:                54
Final Gravity:             1.006              Final Vol:       10gal
Grist                                                lbs              %Ferm                
Pale Malt (Cargill 2-row)                15                   70
Rye Malt                                           5.5                  21
Belgian Munich                               0.5                  2
Crystal Malt 40L                              1.5                  7
Mash Thickness:     1.25qt/lb        Mash Time:   60min
Mash Temp: 152ºF
Hops                          total oz          %AA      […]

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Come Back RyePA

We’ve brewed!!! Finally, after a two and a half year layoff JenEric is brewing again. It’s been pretty difficult living in such a brewing mecca, having so many great brewers as friends, participating in so many homebrew and craftbrew events and not actually making and drinking any of our own beer.
How it finally happened, well […]

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