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Heatwave Porter

On what was probably the hottest day in the last decade in San Diego, we brewed what we will now call JenEric Heatwave Porter. This is the first beer of a total of four styles that we are brewing for the Ninthlink holiday party. It was so crazy hot this day that we ended up […]

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JenEric Robust Porter Split Batch

Big Brew Day 2012 was an amazing brew day for JenEric and friends. We had a Big Brew brewing party to celebrate the legalization of Home Brewing Nationally as well as to do a collaboration with our friends Alex and Gavin. Big Brew fell on Cinco de Mayo this year so we BBQ’d up some […]

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Sunny Dove – Missing Brother American Pale Ale Split Batch

Brewed on 04/28/2012
Another great brewing session under JenEric’s belt that produced what we think (know) will be an amazing American Pale Ale.
This brew day was really awesome because my brother Morgen came down from the L.A. area to do a collaboration brew with us. It was suppose to be a Brothers collaboration brew day with […]

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JenEric Steam IIPA

Brewed 04/08/2012 Easter Sunday.
JenEric hopes everyone had a great Easter weekend doing whatever you did. Hopefully you were brewing!
I’m sure you know what we did on our Easter Sunday since you’re reading this post. But if you haven’t gotten it yet ….. we BreWed!!!
This recipe we are really excited about. It’s an Imperial IPA grain […]

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JenEric Steam Beer

As spring continues to roll on by, JenEric brewing decided the time was right to brew a California Common or what is more widely known as a Steam Beer.
Growing up near the San Francisco Bay Area there is always plenty of Anchor Steam to drink when you want a break from all the super hoppy […]

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Come Back RyePA

We’ve brewed!!! Finally, after a two and a half year layoff JenEric is brewing again. It’s been pretty difficult living in such a brewing mecca, having so many great brewers as friends, participating in so many homebrew and craftbrew events and not actually making and drinking any of our own beer.
How it finally happened, well […]

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Come Back Cider – Split Batch

Well after a two and a half year hiatus we’re finally back at it again. We haven’t officially brewed yet but we do have two carboys going with a split batch of cider (3 gals each) so we can once again hear the beautiful sounds of fermentation.
In the past we’ve been really successful with ciders both in […]

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