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JenEric Steam IIPA

Brewed on 04/07/2012

Vital Statistics                                                                                
Target Gravity:           1.080              %ABV:            8.7%
Starting Gravity:        1.072              IBU:                77
Final Gravity:             1.006              Final Vol:       11.5gal
Grist                                                lbs              %Ferm                
Pale Malt (Cargill 2-row)                25                   84
Cane Sugar                                       1                     6
Corn Sugar                                       1                     4
Belgian Munich                                1                     3
Crystal […]

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JenEric Steam Beer

As spring continues to roll on by, JenEric brewing decided the time was right to brew a California Common or what is more widely known as a Steam Beer.
Growing up near the San Francisco Bay Area there is always plenty of Anchor Steam to drink when you want a break from all the super hoppy […]

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