JenEric Steam Beer

Brewed on 03/24/2012

Vital Statistics                                                                                
Target Gravity:           1.051              %ABV:            5.2%
Starting Gravity:        1.051              IBU:                40
Final Gravity:             1.008              Final Vol:       11gal

Grist                                                lbs              %Ferm                
Pale Malt (Cargill 2-row)                15                   79
Rye Malt                                           2.5                 10
Crystal Malt 120L                            1                     5
Crystal Malt 40L                              1                     5
Black Patent                                   0.25                 1

Mash Thickness:     1.25qt/lb        Mash Time:   60min
Mash Temp: 154ºF

Hops                          total oz          %AA                   IBU            
Northern Brewer         5.3                  7                      38.2
Cascade                         1                    6                      2.1

Additions: FWH 60min, 30min, 15min, 5min, 2min.

Boil 60min. Ferment with WLP810 (1vial/fermentor) at 62-64ºF.

Note: Black patent made this beer quite dark and just a hint roasty, would reduce black patent next time.

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